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A tea for the ladies, this is designed with that time of the month in mind, with ingredients selected to alleviate effects, sooth pains, and taste good.

A break down of our main ingredients includes, Shepards Purse, which may decrease bleeding, stimulate muscles, and increase uterine contractions. Elderberries to provide a Vitamin C boost, providing the body with increased immune support. Mustard seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which can help to regulate your menstrual flow and restore the hormonal imbalance. Fenugreek for its anti-fever, antinociceptive (i.e. pain-reducing), and anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamon aids in reducing the flow by helping divert blood flow away from the uterus. Coriander seeds help balance the hormones and relieve heavy cramps

Packed in Australia.

Origin: Multiple Origins.

Ingredients: Organic shepards purse, organic elderberries, fenugreek, coriander seed, mustard seed yellow, cinnamon chips & organic green tea.

Size Guide

Test Tubes contain approximately 5 serves.

Small bags contain approximately 10 serves.

Medium bags contain approximately 30 serves.

Large bags contain approximately 100 serves.

Brewing Instructions

1tsp of leaves / 250mL of 100°C water.
Brew for 4 minutes.
Remove leaves and enjoy.

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