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Organic Apple Mojito

Organic Apple Mojito

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Jump out of bed and wake up with this cocktail inspired Organic Apple Mojito Energy Tea. Whether replacing your morning coffee or needing an afternoon pick me up, this perfectly balanced sweet tea (made using real apple fruit pieces) is sure to give you a much needed, long-lasting energy boost. 

A combination of wild apple and minty notes all blended together with our very popular Sencha green tea will have your taste buds singing. 

Packed in Australia.

Origin: Egypt / China / Albania.

Ingredients: Green tea, peppermint, dried apple, calendula & green tea extract.

Size Guide

Test Tubes contain approximately 5 serves.

Small bags contain approximately 10 serves.

Medium bags contain approximately 30 serves.

Large bags contain approximately 100 serves.

Brewing Instructions

1tsp leaves / 250mL of 80°C water
Brew for 1 minute.
Remove leaves and enjoy hot or iced, add a slice of lemon for an extra kick!

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