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Wildflower Tea Cup Of Black Tea With Tealight Candle

Quality loose leaf tea, mixed for you.

Specialising in premium quality loose leaf tea, we're sure to have a blend to suit your needs.

Hand mixed in small batches, based in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Search through our range for a new favourite brew.

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Test-Tube Taster Gift Packs

Select up to 4 teas from our huge selection ,carefully packaged in a clear lidded box and sealed with a sprig of baby's breathe. Perfect as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

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  • Switch Off

    "Love the flavours and aroma of this brew, nice relaxing tea to unwind after a busy day!"

    - Rebecca

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  • Organic Espresso Martini

    "This is fantastic! Love the coffee beans in there too."

    - Coral

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  • Drift Away

    "Made the tea in to a sugar syrup to have with cocktails! Love it!"

    - Anna

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  • Black Forest

    "My very favourite - feels so decadent to drink this, and the blend of tea, fruity flavours, and cocoa is just right."

    - Theresa

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  • Sunset Sipper

    "Thank you so much! I gave it to a friend as a present and they absolutely loved it!"

    - Elisa

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  • Wildflower Tea Test Tube Taster Pack

    Test Tube Taster Pack

    Looking for the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life? Unsure on which teas you want to try? Have a hard to buy for family member or colleague?

    Customise a Test Tube Taster Pack - contains 4 different teas.

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  • Wildflower Tea Tea Time Gift Box

    Tea Time Gift Box

    This gift box is ready to go for the tea lover in your life, whether that is yourself or a loved one.

    Enjoy sipping on your favourite brew out of a unique, locally made mug by TDG Pottery.

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  • Wildflower Tea Sunset Sipper

    Sunset Sipper

    Relax and unwind this summer with our Sunset Brew Sipper pack.

    Enjoy a medium size bag of our best selling Sunset Brew loose leaf tea, a stainless steel Infuser to brew the best cuppa and a packet of our Sipmate Dehydrated Orange slices to top it all off.

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