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Blue Sunshine

Blue Sunshine

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Our attempt at sunshine in a cup! Delicate and light flavours offer warmth and zest, brightening the dullest of days. Blue Sunshine is a soothing blend of herbs and adaptogens to help you flight back against the blues. A combination of fruits, herbs and flowers used in traditional medicine to decrease anxiety, ease digestion, improve sleep quality, and improve overall wellness.  

Caffeine free.

Packed in Australia.

Origin: Turkey / India / Bulgaria / Thailand

Ingredients: Apple, ashwagandha root, tulsi, lemon balm, st. john's wort, butterfly blue pea flowers, marigold petals. 

Size Guide

Test Tubes contain approximately 5 serves.

Small bags contain approximately 10 serves.

Medium bags contain approximately 30 serves.

Large bags contain approximately 100 serves.

Brewing Instructions

1tsp of leaves / 250mL of 100°C water.
Brew for 5 minutes.
Remove leaves and enjoy hot or cold.

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