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What is a person to do when they simply don’t have time for a revitalisation session on the calm waters of Pallarenda? Sip on a brew of our Pallarenda blend! With ingredients chosen for their natural rejuvenating and antioxidant properties this fusion will leave your skin bright, your body energised and your soul relaxed.

Packed in Australia.

Origin: Turkey, South Africa, China, Thailand, Canada, Egypt & India.

Ingredients: Apple, lemon, cucumber, ginger, lemongrass, bee pollen, calendula & marigold petals.

Size Guide

Test Tubes contain approximately 5 serves.

Small bags contain approximately 10 serves.

Medium bags contain approximately 30 serves.

Large bags contain approximately 100 serves.

Brewing Instructions

1tsp of leaves / 250mL of 100°C water.
Brew for 5 minutes.
Remove leaves and enjoy hot or iced.
Add honey if desired for touch of extra sweetness.

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