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Rose Petals

Rose Petals

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Rose petals can be used so many ways! Sprinkle these over whatever you desire, cake, cocktails or your bed sheets for a romantic touch. Alternatively rose petals can be brewed into a tea that is able to be enjoyed hot or cold. Containing high amounts of Vitamin C, rose petals are ideal to drink when fighting off a cold.

Packed in Australia. 

Origin: Canada 

Ingredients: Rose petals & buds. 

Size Guide

Test Tubes contain approximately 5 serves.

Small bags contain approximately 10 serves.

Medium bags contain approximately 30 serves.

Large bags contain approximately 100 serves.

Brewing Instructions

1tsp of tea leaves / 250mL of 100°C water.
Brew for for 2-5 minutes.
Remove petals and serve hot or cold.

Alternatively sprinkle these on your drinks, cakes and more for a vivid, natural & edible garnish.

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